Officers are elected each year by the membership
Heidi Born Smith
Heidi Born Smith

Presides at all meetings of the Organization and of the Board and exercises the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of the President in addition to those particularly specified in these by-laws. The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoints all regular and special committee chairpersons.

Heidi’s Bio

Heidi and her husband Eric own a small boarding Friesian farm in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. She has been a member of GLFHA and FHANA since 2003. Heidi has held several GLFHA board officer positions for nine years, FHANA committee positions throughout the years, and was active in scheduling the NA Keuring circuits and Judges travel. Heidi and her husband have two grown children, nine horses, and 3 dogs. She enjoys breeding and helping her husband at carriage shows. Heidi works outside of the home for a Funeral Home and Pet Cremation Center as the Office Manager. She is most proud of her breeding program and her horse’s “sport” abilities.

Theresa Marshall
Theresa Marshall
Vice President

Performs the duties and exercises the powers of the President in case of the President’s death, absence, or incapacity and such other duties and powers as shall be designated by the Board.

Theresa’s Bio

My name is Theresa Marshall I have been a member of GLFHA for 17 years. I live in Rockton IL with my husband Rex. We own 5 wonderful Friesian horse arranging from age 2 to 16. We enjoy riding and driving our horses. We have participated in breed demos with the GLFHA club at the Midwest horse fair in Madison, WI, for 14 years. We have also volunteered with the annual Kuering that our club has hosted for [20 years.]

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Karen Matushak

Keeps records of all meetings of the Organization and the Board and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Organization. Keeps records of all the members. At the Annual Meeting, reports to the membership a summary of all activities of the Chapter and its Board of Directors during the previous year.

Karen’s Bio

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Tiffany van der Kooi, owner of Black Pearl Friesians
Tiffany van der Kooi

Collects all monies due or belonging to the Organization and keeps an accounting of receipts and expenses. Reports on the condition of the Organizations finances at every meeting. Makes payments of funds as directed by the Board. Presents complete financial statement at each year’s Annual Meeting.

Tiffany’s Bio

Tiffany is the founder and owner of Black Pearl Friesians LLC, one of a few Stallion Stations in the US that ships throughout the United States and Canada. Tiffany is the owner of Thorben 466 Sport Elite AAA and co-owner of Tsjalle 454 Sport Elite Preferent AAA, USDF Bronze, and Silver medalist competing at FEI levels. Tiffany also owns the Model mare, Jildou Sport Elite AAA, who is currently competing at FEI levels in dressage and was the 2017 FHANA Mare Show reserve champion.
I am also a wife and mother of 2 and am also the office manager of my family’s construction company.

FHANA Chapter Representatives


Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a Friesian Horse Association chapter representative and President of the Friesian Horse Association of North America.  He has been a FHANA/GLFHA member since 2003.  He has held several officer positions on the Friesian Horse Association Board of Directors for six years and well as a contributor on many FHANA committees throughout the years.  Eric loves to talk stallions or anything horse related.  Eric and his wife Heidi own a small boarding and Friesian farm in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  They currently have 9 horses, 3 dogs.  He and Heidi have 2 grown children. Eric works outside the home for ND Papers, Inc. as Sourcing Manager.

Jo Ann Clough

Jo had the privilege to serve eight years as a GLFHA officer, four years as secretary, and four years as the president, and she continues her work as a club volunteer to this day. Beginning in 2016, she served on several FHANA committees and subcommittees, chaired the Inspection Committee, and was a FHANA mentor performing outreach calls to new members. In 2017 Jo joined the Friesian Member Council, and in 2018, she assumed the role of one of its administrators. She left her position as an FMC administrator in 2021 after being elected to the FHANA Board of Directors and assumed the role of Board Secretary.