GLFHA Photo Contest-Call for Photos and Videos

Friesian owners are committed to their beloved horses and are excited to share them with the public. To promote this incredible breed, GLFHA will be initiating a WEEKLY CONTEST starting in January 2021, the horse that receives the most “likes” that week on our Facebook page will be eligible for an award. Our association is currently seeking sponsors for the contest and as of today, Grand View Ranch, Black Pearl Friesians, Steppin-Out Friesians, and Black Earth Friesians have offered to be sponsors. Contest sponsors will be offering gift certificates to our weekly winners. If you would like to be included as a sponsor, please contact Jo Clough. For members who would like to participate, we are actively seeking photos and videos from our members’ that we can post; submissions can be sent to Jo Clough. Click on the button below to submit your photos or videos.